The People

I’m grateful for the incredible people and partners I’m honored to do life with and for everyone who has believed in the app and helped create it. Without you, the idea would have simply died, just like billions of other ideas on the planet.

You’ve shown off your talents throughout the process in ways that are seriously hard to get my mind around. You’ve also challenged me personally and professionally in profound ways. I’m truly blessed to know and work with each of you.

Fretless – Dave, Dave and Miles, you guys just flat out know how to get it done the right way. Thanks for nudging me in the right direction when I got off track and for making this baby much better than I could have ever imagined.

Sam B. – Thanks for doing exquisitely beautiful work and for sharing your gifts in this project.

Brian S. – Your early input, feedback and challenges made the difference. Thank you.

Eliza M. – Your early coaching, pushback, hard questions and challenges helped shape our direction. Thanks for your stellar guidance.

Ryan H. – You see through lenses that God reserved just for you. I’m grateful that you share them with me.

Bryant B. – You are an amazing man and I’m glad I get to do life with you. Your creative and technical abilities are becoming a force with which to be reckoned.

Colleen G. – Your attention to detail is beyond my understanding. Thanks for caring so well.

H2 – Your spiritual encouragement and friendship puts you in a league of your own. I’m incredibly grateful for you.

Allie B. – I appreciate your commitment to quality design and meaningful communication.

John M. – Thanks for watching my back. I’m so glad you know a lot more about trademarks than the rest of the world knows or cares about.

Elizabeth H. – Though I’m simply mystified by how you’ve stayed on top of thousands of details, I’m so appreciative for your dedication and consistent focus. You are a gift.

Dallas B. – Your technical and code prowess both pushes me and relieves me. Thanks for your commitment to progress and patience when I’m technically challenged.

Alex O. – Thanks for the great dev work. I’m really grateful for your late nights and early mornings.

Brittany W. – Your thoughtful support, hard work and encouragement, keep me settled and focused when things get out of control. I couldn’t be more grateful to have you in my life.

Matt M. – I’m grateful that you’ve given me feedback and asked hard questions in these last few months as we’ve reached for the finish line. Ping.

Sarah H. – You consistently deliver great work and push back on me when I can’t get it. Thanks for not just settling for the easy route.

Laken K. – Thanks for your great attitude and tenacity, even when you weren’t given the resources you needed to make it happen. I’m grateful.

Brandon B. – I love what I see you becoming. Thanks for being a great Studiomaster.

Emily E. – You’ve seen me at my worst and have still been a great supporter and friend. Thanks for pushing through the tough times with me.

Jenny D. – Thanks for seeing the heart behind the project and helping express that so well in writing.

Jack B. – You always bring insight, good sense and mad creative skills to the team and to every project. Thank you so much.

Rachel R. – Thanks for doing great work—and for your encouraging and willing spirit.

Jordan Y. – I’m grateful for your creative gifts and how they consistently cause beauty to emerge.

Deborah B. – You alone have my heart. I love you. Thanks for understanding me.

Kelli B. – Thank you for supporting the dream and believing in the possibilities. I’m so very grateful.

Heather E. – Your ability to interpret nonsensical gibberish and translate it into articulate and meaningful sentences amazes me and sharpens me. Thank you.

Terry B. – You’ve pulled some very late nights and long weekends with me, because you believed in the project—or just felt sorry for me. Ha. Thank you for consistently smacking me on the forehead when I’ve been ready to give up.

Shawn D. – Thank you for being code savvy, technically keen and just downright insightful. You’ve helped me stay centered throughout this project. I’m grateful for your trust.

Tucker W. – Thank you for all the support and love you consistently give. I’m so thankful for you.

Mom – I love you. Enough said.