The Team

kerry KerryCreator

Kerry loves helping leaders gain momentum, enlarge their footprint and expand their impact. Give this man a whiteboard and a marker, and he will distill clarity from even the most complex ideas.

He’s the founder and principal of White Glove Labs, Inc., an ideation and testing ground for our team to pursue entrepreneurial interests.

He and his wife, Deborah, reside in Tennessee with their two sons and live near their beautiful daughter and son-in-law.

brittany BrittanyConcierge

Brittany has a heart for serving others. Throughout college, Brittany served in many community service leadership roles. In these roles, she helped coordinate and raise money for ministries and other nonprofit organizations.

In her work with Launch Vaults and White Glove Labs, Brittany enjoys assisting clients and plays a key role in keeping things flowing well in the company. Brittany lives in historic Franklin, Tennessee, with her wonderful husband, Tucker and their two dogs.

elizabeth ElizabethConcierge

Elizabeth has a passion for people and a background in the nonprofit world. She is thrilled to be able to use her talents to have a positive impact on individuals and organizations through her work with White Glove Labs and Launch Vaults.

Throw her a million tasks and ideas and watch her organize them like a ninja. She loves turning chaos into beauty.

Elizabeth lives with her husband, David, and their three fun and energetic children in Texas.

Dallas-Bass DallasDeveloper

Dallas loves the logical problem-solving nature of web development. Yeah, he geeks out over things like CSS, SEO and caching. He also really enjoys the strategic and psychological aspect of user-experience design and inbound marketing.

When Dallas isn’t wrangling pixels, he tries to travel as much as possible. Whether it’s a quick weekend or an overseas excursion, Dallas and his wife love to get away any chance they get. He also really enjoys roasting his own coffee beans.

jenny JennyWriter and Editor

Jenny is a freelance editor and copywriter, and feels the most alive with a red pen in her hand. She is passionate about clarity and simplicity in content and design, and also works full time with a veterinary publishing company, managing web content, digital editions, and social media.

She resides in Tulsa, OK with her parrot, and spends too much money on coffee and style guides.

rachel RachelDesigner

Rachel is a freelance designer with a passion for transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. She believes everyone has a story that’s unique, and those stories deserve to be told in a way that is clear, inspiring, and in a way that resonates with people.

Rachel lives in Indianapolis with her mischievous cat Charlie, and can often be found perusing local garden parks, sipping on some Starbucks, or getting lost in Target.

ruben RubenDesigner and Developer

Ruben loves design and is drawn to the creative use of type, color, and composition. He is passionate about equipping organizations with the tools to inspire their audiences in the digital age.

When he’s not coding awesomeness or perfecting pixels for White Glove Labs, Ruben can be found hiking and crossfitting with his wife and kids. Ruben resides in California.

shawn ShawnDeveloper

Shawn is an award-winning online media artist, developer, strategist, and staunch believer in the positive power of the online experience. With 15 years of developing and delivering online solutions under his belt, his true passion is the customer journey from engagement to education and conversion.

When not scripting the perfect user experience, he likes to spend his time with his wife and their two sons.

heather HeatherWriter and Editor

Heather is a copywriter and editor who loves putting into words what others desire to say. Heather has more than a decade of experience in marketing communications and has written for businesses and nonprofits across many different industries. She believes in the power of well-crafted language to inspire, uplift, and motivate toward change.

A longtime Nashville resident, Heather has a bachelor’s degree in English and French from Vanderbilt University.