The Idea

Seven years ago, when we started a branding, marketing, and communications firm—we didn’t need a very robust workflow for website projects. But, as projects grew larger and client needs became more specific, the software we were using simply wasn’t cutting it and not able to grow with us.

We tried hacking together a suite of cloud-based solutions, but that just added to our overhead and complicated our workflow. It also frustrated clients. We needed an application with a clean, user-friendly interface that could simplify our process and bring crispness to our projects. When the market couldn’t deliver, we decided to build our own solution. Yeah, we definitely signed up for a software building journey!

The Vision

Our goal with Launch Vaults® has been to create a streamlined, dynamic platform that would simplify the chaos of website projects. Let’s face it, if you are in the website industry, you know that it doesn’t take many messy and whacked out website projects to make you cry uncle.

Though we built the app to make sense with our workflow, we also made customization a priority, so it would make sense with your workflow, too.

Want to see Launch Vaults in its early conceptual stages? Check out some of the early concept work and UX wireframes—we’re talking really early!

What makes Launch Vaults unique is the coordination of website scoping, planning, design, development, and accountability—all within one system. It’s a hub for website project managers and coordinators to work seamlessly through every step of the site production, building and execution process.

The Team

We started conceptually shaping Launch Vaults in the Fall of 2013 and then started assembling a kick-butt team by Spring of 2014. In total, 30+ people have helped with the app and have applied their incredible gifts to make it a reality.

It’s been a blast for sure—and a legit challenge for me personally. Building a SaaS is not for the faint of heart. The great part—we now have an app we love and use every day—that helps simplify our own website project chaos. See how we worked that key thought into the copy? Nice.

Our team is focused and still believes in hard work and excellence. We’ve asked the hard questions, we’ve done our homework—and we’re proud of how the app has turned out. We hope you like it as well, and we’re honored to introduce it to you.

Oh, and there are still a lot of new features we’d like to add and plan to do so as sales go up—hint, hint. So, please be a true friend by telling each of your friends about Launch Vaults—you will help them find their sanity again—and they will thank you.

The Result

While it’s a bit early to see the full impact of the app in bringing serious value to the website community, we’re encouraged by the early signs. You are the key to making it great, so we appreciate your feedback and patience. Just click the feedback button on the right side of your browser.

Launch Vaults was born from the chaos of our own web projects, and designed to encourage clarity, efficiency and collaboration between you, your team and your clients. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

Check out the features to learn more about Launch Vaults, and to see how you can simplify your web project chaos.