Feature: Work

Add files to the site map pages

The client can upload files your team needs for a specific page entry and your team can upload wireframe or design files for a page entry so that the client can give their approval.


Leave comments and communicate

It’s all about communication. Discuss the finer points of a specific feature your client is requesting, or find out more information about their page content. Get feedback and approval from clients. Stay connected with the team.


Create the site map and UX architecture

Build the website architecture. Just drag-n-drop to setup hierarchy, add/delete pages or rearrange until it’s just right. 


Edit content on the site map page


Gather content for each page entry using the WYSIWYG editor. Clients can simply drop in content and format everything so your team knows what they envision for their page. Then, you can design it the correct way! But, at least you will know what they are thinking. :) 


Associate features with site map pages

Features that have been selected within the vault’s Plan section can be “associated” with specific page entries on the site map. This helps eliminate communication ambiguities and manage scope creep.


Gather content and minimize excuses

Give clients a place to develop and keep content in the “unlinked content” area, even if their not sure where it will go on the site. “Associate” it with the correct page later. This definitely helps keep clients moving forward on their work and helps minimize the excuses. 


Create detailed task lists

Rapidly create tasks lists for each page entry on the site map for clients and team members. Include due dates to keep the project moving forward.