Feature: Set Up

Manage permissions and users

Add team members and assign them a specific role. Owners have access to every part of the app, Project Managers have access to everything but the subscription page and Site Builders have limited access to what they can see and do within your company’s vaults.


Launchpad overview pages

Quickly see the state of each project. Navigate to your template questions and features. Create new vaults or add team members.


Profile preferences and settings

Manage your email preferences, plus update your gravatar and profile information.


Manage your vault invitations

Invite clients into their project vault to go to work on their website project.


Customize the focus questions template

Create a baseline set of questions needed for your particular niche, business or sector. You can globally customize the questions for each vault through this template. The questions will automatically populate when a new vault is created. 


Customize feature list template

Create a template of features to automatically populate within each vault, so your clients can select their website feature wishlist.


Archive completed projects

Finished with a project? Archive it. You can always make it live again. Archived vaults do not affect your subscription’s vault quantity.

Customize focus questions for each vault

You may not need to ask all the questions from your pre-populated template. Add, delete or edit questions within each vault to drill down on what your client envisions for their site.